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  1. Pictures tell the story. The top is being repaired. I am listing this for a friend. He is located in Little Rock, Arkansas PHONE: 501-951-7215 PRICE: $16,500
  2. There is a few bubbles at the base of the vinyl top. The frame is SOLID. I have not tried to tun it over. I bought 12 cars and trucks from this family and a little overwhelmed. I hope you can tell how nice this car is by the interior. I thought by the $1100 price that it needs some TLC. Call if your really interested.
  3. This is a 1972 Buick Electra 225 with 41,500 actual miles. It has rust in the bottom of both front fenders. The car has been sitting in a carport for 10+ years. I have not tried to start it. Call me anytime : 501-six too six- zero zero six 7. I'm in Little Rock, Arkansas It has a Clear title. PRICE: $1100
  4. Is anyone interested in this glass??? Please call.
  5. Did ya pull the oil pan??? You know what it probably looks like.
  6. This a complete 1955 DeSoto Sportsman. It has solid floor and trunk pans and it original HEMI. Call me anytime: 501-six to six- zero o 6 7. It has it original paperwork. PRICE: $2900
  7. This is a VERY SOLID 1955 DeSoto Sportsman. It has it Original HEMI and Original paperwork from 1955 from the dealership in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Call me anytime:501-six to six- zero o six seven. Price: $3500
  8. This car needs complete restoration. Price:$1000 Call anytime 501-626-0067
  9. I have my 1960 Plymouth Savoy on ebay. You should look at this well documented car. It hard to find one in this condition with ALL of its original paper work. Thanks for looking.
  10. I can't fix all that I find. Its been sitting for years as the pictures show and needs restoration. Has the original V-6 and automatic trans. Call me anytime: 501-626-0067 Price: $1200
  11. Little Sister. Hmmmmm I heard someone bought it
  12. I heard that you bought it Peter.
  13. Pull the hood off or you'll earn you keep.
  14. Thanks guys for that info. I need to sell it. $100.00 free shipping in the USA. I'm selling parts off of the Roadmaster also. Call me anytime.
  15. This a SWB 1959 Dodge pick-up. It is a V-8 with a 3 onda tree. The motor is not locked up and I haven't tried to start it yet. It come with a title. Call me anytime: 501-six two six- o zero six7. It has some floor pan rust. It is complete except for the window regulators. Price $2850.00
  16. This is a 1950 Buick Spark Plug Wire Cover. It came off of a Roadmaster but I believe it fits all Straight Eight engines. I also posted a pic of the car. Intake and exhaust and Front Bumper have been sold. Price: $130.00 with FREE SHIPPING in the USA. I can email more pics. Call me anytime: 501-6 two six- zero zero six seven
  17. I have too many projects to start on another one. This DeSoto has its original HEMI drivetrain and PF transmission. These are the only pics that I have but will load more next week. I bought it and have not tried to start it. I'm unsure of the motor condition. It has a open title from the previous owner. Price: $3500.00
  18. I have the factory A/C side vents and center vent with switch. I am parting out this car. It has the fireball V-6. Call me anytime 501-626- zero zero six 7. It will be crushed soon. It is a 4 door. I have a very good set of front fenders.
  19. I pull a 22ft Dovetail with a '05 Chevrolet 3/4 ton Van. The 6.o liter has the b$lls and the 4 wheel discs stops it when and if an emergency situation arrises. The van has room to sleep and carry extra stuff that is secured in a locked area. I never thought about a van until my neighbor sold me his 130k mile van for $200.00. Its not pretty but its a towing machine. I'd buy another 3/4 ton Chevy/GMC 6.0 van in a second.
  20. Call me anytime 501-626-0067. I'm am parting out a '50 Roadmaster. Thanks, Dorsey
  21. I am parting out a '65 Buick Skylark 4dr. It has the "Fireball V-6" engine. It has Factory A/C. Call me anytime 501-six two six- 0 0 six 7.
  22. I'm going to sell it as I have way too many projects going on right now.
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