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For sale 1930 Pontiac


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My father is trying to sell his 1930 Pontiac sedan. He purchased the car 40 years ago as his first old car, and has collected parts for it ever since. He never quite had the time or space to restore the car and realizes now that he never will.

The car is in very good shape for an un-restored car. There is no sign of any wood deterioration, the doors close perfectly, and the original interior is in very good shape. The car got a very poor black paint job about 50 years ago but there is no deep rust anywhere. I doubt that the car has ever sat outside. Along with the car is a parts car and another engine, transmission, drive shaft, and rear axle.

My father is asking 5,000 for everything. Does this seem like a reasonable price? What do you think is the best way to sell the car so that it does not end up a street rod? I am a flathead Ford guy and am not familiar with the early Pontiac area of the old car hobby. Please see the pictures of the car, parts car, and extra drive line. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have.

The car:







The parts car:


The extra drive train:



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A great car like this deserves to be restored or cleaned up . Cleaned up it should bring about $7,500- $8,500 minimum in my opinion. Ask the interested buyers what there plans are for the car. The extra parts should bring dollars from Pontiac owners if they're not sold with the car. $5,000 is giving it away if it runs half way decent. Good luck!


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The engine in the good car has a cracked block. The parts engine will run but needs a valve fixed, and the parts car engine will run but should be rebuilt. What do you think the value should be given the engine situation?

Thanks for the response,


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