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For Sale: NOS MOPAR Parts, mostly 40-48 Ply stuff


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Look this list over. See something you are interested in email me an offer. ezzellsjcase@aol.com, located in North Carolina689134 Ply & Dodge NOS Sway bar shaft, fits 39 Ply and Dodge 7 pass and Limo691861 NOS Exhaust Pipe853739 NOS Ignition Switch and cable assy, Fits Dodge 39, 42, Desoto 39,42 without overdrive, Chry 39855059 NOS Sway elim shaft ( Sway bar), fits 40-41 Dodge953566 May have read number wrong, could be 953366 fits 42-48 Chry gear shift rod, NOS,958121 NOS Exhaust Pipe1065868 NOS MOPAR Fender panel1065894 NOS Left Rad Shroud (Inner fender panel) Fits Ply 46-481065894 NOS Right Rad Shroud (Inner fender panel) Fits Ply 46-48 Part number is not 894 but can tell it is for opposite side1117428 NOS Steering Wheel for Ply Model P15 46-48, also Dodge 46-48 with horn button1122058 NOS MOPAR Steering column housing, not sure what year1123867 NOS Right front upper shield (Fender Panel) fits Ply 42-481126528 NOS (Bumper brace/Arm) bumper face bar support left front fits 46-48 Dodge 6 cyl1148112 NOS (Body to bumper pans) Right Rad to bumper stone shield Fits desoto 46-481148113 NOS (body to bumper pans) Left Rad to bumper stone shield Fits desoto 46-481148641 NOS Right rear Fender Fits dodge and desoto 46-481148642 NOS Left rear fender Fits Dodge and Desoto 46-481148649 not sure if this part is 649 or 642 but is opposite side of 641 above1151952 NOS MOPAR Stainless trim1158822 this part replaced old stock number 983146 fitsNOS 42 Ply hood, may fit others but not sure1241334 NOS Right front fender, fits 46 Dodge, Internet says it fits Desoto 19491241793 NOS MOPAR 49 Desoto Top Grille Bar, chrome, very very nice slight speckling1241942 NOS RH Chrome MOPAR Part, not sdure what it fits1241942 1242510 NOS Right front MOPAR Desoto Fender stamped mldg Fits 19491242679 NOS Chrome MOPAR Part, not sure where, internet says fits desoto 46-481242680 NOS Chrome MOPAR Part, not sure where, internet says fits desoto 46-481252777 NOS Right Rear MOPAR Fender fits 49 Dodge Desoto D29, 30 S-131305752 NOS MOPAR Chrome part , fits 47 Ply Spec Deluxe but not sure where, Right hand4646978 Caddy 1-1065824 NOS MOPAR Stainless trim fits right front door mldg four door, Ply 46-481-877366 not sure 1 is part of Stock number, but 877366 fits 40 ply mldg body side sill? NOS MOPAR Left rear fender, not sdure of year but it was a year that had running boards

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I ran a few of the unknown numbers and

958121 is an exhaust pipe for 1942-1948 Plymouth excluding Convertible

1065868 is a right hand radiator shield for 1946-1948 Desoto

1122058 didn't come up but 1122056 is a steering column jacket for 1946-1948 Plymouth and should be 44 and 9/16 inches long. Not sure if the number is a typo.

1305752 is a RH decklid Finish moulding for 1949-1952 Plymouth 2 Door

I ran 1241942, 1242679 and 1242680. They don't come up in any of my master Catalogs including 1950, 1951, 1953 and back, 1946-1948 Plymouth, 1946-1948 Desoto, 1954 and back all mopar. They must have been an early part number change. I don't have a price schedule that era to check.

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