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1948 Olds 98 manifolds or complete engine

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Am in the process of buying a 1948 Olds 98 that is missing the intake and exhaust manifolds from the straight eight engine. What are the chances of finding these? Might be willing to buy an entire engine if necessary. I know the straight eight Olds engine was used for quite a few years before 1948. Any help or leads appreciated. If this were a Buick, I'd know where to go for parts, but I am out of my league with 1940s Oldsmobile parts.

Pete Phillips

Leonard, Texas

1949 Buick Super 4-dr.

1949 Buick Roadmaster 4-dr.

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Guest Dananoak

I have a complete engine in a 1948 Olds that I am going to sell. I just purchased the car and know it has not been run for several years, but it is not locked up. I am asking $4oo for the complete engine as I do not want to part it our.812-243-5019

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Guest Wally Lankford

I also have an engine from a 1949 olds 98 holiday convertible, I have several parts including some chrome pieces for the olds, the convertible prts are not being sold as the body became a donor for a 49 buick rm 417-434-57zero2

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