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" Woodward Dream Cruise"

Guest gxman

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Saturday, I was able to drive my 1991 Chrysler TC by Maserati in the "Woodward Dream Cruise " in Michigan. What an incredible sight and feeling. Along with all the exotics and muscle cars, top down in the TC, CRUISING with the Big Dogs. Amid the shouts of " look at that" at the other cars, I heard a lot of "what's that", as I passed by. Didn't know what to expect from my first Dream cruise, but, oh what a rush to make that drive in your special car. Friday night is fun, also. Not quite as much traffic as on Saturday, so you get a chance to see a lot of cars parked and getting cleaned for the Saturday cruise, as well as some of us who just wanted to be seen.

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Great that you "showed the flag" for the TC.

When I was still in Germany last year, I took mine to an American car show at one of the big transportation museums north of Stuttgart. It was pretty cool to be part of the show. The locals were definitely puzzled by it (they were very familiar with the Big Dogs like Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaroes and pink Cadillacs) so I got a chance to give some history lessons.

One guy even called it "ein tolles auto" (a fantastic/wonderful car). It was a wonderful day!

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