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  1. Check it out. Ebay #: 113834091972 Located in Chester, NY I'd go for it but I already have too many projects...
  2. #206696 A 16v currently for sale on eBay. Item #173980980453.
  3. Grazie. Hopefully I can get one shipped and installed pronto. Not as much fun to drive my car when it feels like an oven...
  4. Can someone tell me the part number for the belt that drives the a/c compressor? Mine broke and local outlets don't have the right ones. I checked Rock Auto and they claim they have the correct replacements but I want a part number to confirm. This is for the 16v engine. TIA
  5. Photographic proof that #202012 is still among the living.
  6. That is so cool! Congrats on the podium visit. So how often do you plan on competing? I'd like to come out at some point and cheer you guys on.
  7. Just dropped in after a long absence. So the count of 16v runners is still less than 40? I know they were rare to begin with AND it has been 30 years since the TC first hit the dealerships but I still didn't expect a 99% kill rate! To celebrate my baby's 30th birthday, I got her an oil change, tune up and a full detailing. I even had the a/c rebuilt!
  8. All, I can't find my service manual so need some help from the forum. How many engine mounts are there, what are the part numbers, and where is a good place to find them? I think my antenna motor has given up the ghost. Where can I find a replacement? Thanks in advance!!!! Yellowdog
  9. Jimcon, Definitely interested in your DOHC with 36k on the odometer. Problem is when I click on the icon to get you phone number, I get an error message. Reply here or PM me. Cheers, Yellowdog
  10. Is that center console (?) with manual shifter boot still for sale?
  11. I have an 8v car that I had a 16v engine transplanted into. My current car is VIN 202012. The donor car's VIN ended in 204351. Whether it is actually running at the moment is unknown. I have been in Afghanistan since last summer and won't lay eyes on my baby again until September 1--give or take a few days.
  12. Where are you located? I'm in Fairfax County, near Tysons.
  13. So does anyone have a decent guesstimate as to how many TCs are still on the road today? I read somewhere a long time ago that only about half of the cars were still on the road as of 2000 (or was it 2010--I can't remember). Watching the steady stream of obits on this forum of cars that have been wrecked, parted out by their owners, or turned up in a junkyard, I am guessing we are losing 2-3 per month. I'm sure the real rate of losses is probably significantly higher. So how many runners have been accounted for on this forum (I tried counting but ran out of fingers a
  14. Here's a hare brained thought. Is there a gasket from another car that is close enough to alter to fit ours? Was just trolling on ebay and found a valve cover gasket for the Honda Prelude 2.2 VTEC DOHC. Looks similar in layout to ours. Does anyone have the dimensions of our gasket to see how close the two might be?
  15. I would like to throw a question out there and see what people think. When I got my engine rebuilt, a temporary seal was put in that was supposed to last until someone came out with real gaskets. The only other option was to use some kind of sealer (silicon?) instead. I was told this wasn't pursued as it would "glue" the valve cover into its seat. Given our circumstances, is this a viable alternative or will it cause more problems than it solves.
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