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OT Transport ABS


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Anyone know if the ABS used in a 92 TranSport is the same as a 91 Reatta ? If so may be of some interest:

Is not being driven at moment so time pressure is off but after rebuilding the M/C and bleeding the brakes, pedal is still very low, am thinking the ABS may be leaking internally but ABS light is acting nermal (on at startup, goes off).

Suspect the next step is a Pick-A-Part visit since all GM minivans from 92 to 95 used the same ABS, just need to be sure it has a good pedal. Fortunately it is about a 10 minute job to pull.

Any advice ? Know Teves pretty well but not these.

ps which cyl is the rear brakes ? End near booster or firewall end.

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