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Trying to confirm whether standard upholstery in 55 Special


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So, I am planning on sprucing up the interior on my 55 Special this winter and would like to confirm once and for all that the current upholstery is NOT standard. I am not familiar with these cars so am unsure. From pictures I have seen online my guess is that the seat upholstery is not standard but that the door cards likely are, as are the dash colors. Trim code is 440.

Can anyone help?



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There are no ready made kits. Many Specials had the 440 trim code, mine included.

SMS has the correct embossed vinyl for the door panels and seatbacks, the correct vinyl for the set bolsters, and the correct fabric for the seating surfaces. I think just the fabrics were in the $700 range ten years ago. I can send you a swatch of the seat fabric if that would help any.

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