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HELP V 8 20lbs compression new rings 3 plus230 bore told it is a 1942 truck motor 3 3/16


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mOTOR IN MY 42 cONTINENTAL The right head refuses to budge Any one with an idea as to how to move it.. Soaking dailey for three weeks and it still won"t move. Them left head, came right off. It has been sitting for over 45 years in New Jersey the motor was stuck but blaster soaked it free. The cyclinder walls look good so I am going to ring it and see what happens I just want a driver this time I had show cars in the 60's. smiley303us@yahoo.com Lee Waldren

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Those heads can be a royal pain to remove. If the starter is still on and you can turn it over with the starter, just install the plugs and see of compression will pop it loose. Just put a few nuts back on loose to keep it in place.

If that doesnt work, then I have read that taking some old style clothes line and stuffing it down the spark plug holes will work. When you turn the engine over, the rope gets squeezed between the head and piston and will force the head up. That's the theory anyway.

One other thing you might try, make a 50-50 mixture of acetone and ATF, shake well and squirt around each stud, do this for a few days. Rumor has it is a great penetrant. I would also put a nut on each stud and using a small hammer, tap each stud from side to side slightly. If it has bolts instead of studs, then I would just flood the holes with penetrant and tap on the head, the vibration seems to help the process.

Let us know how you finally get it off.


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