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HELP! Master cylinder issue

Guest Kelsey

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Guest Kelsey

As you well know this car (37 Dodge D5 BiZ Coupe) is not conforming to all the associated part numbers..

Well.. today is no exception... I am rushing to get the tie rods and all seals replaced before I take it in to the body shop (scheduled on Monday).. So I decide to thow in my master cylinder rebuild kit that I have been sitting on a while.. and wouldn't ya know.. not the right kit..:confused:

My Master cylinder is a 1 1/4" bore and the one sent is 1 1/8" bore and different..

So, Now I research this and find that the 36 Dodge has the 1 1/4" bore but mounts very different (front flange mount vs. my bottom mount).. So, not sure if that is the right kit for mine either

My master cylinder has a part number of 665919 on it.. and I can not find a cross for it? Can anybody cross this for me?

I will attach a pic that shows the different mounting of mine vs the 30-36.

Anybody have any idea what year MS I have?





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