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wanted Overland MF1032 autolite starter

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need a bendix drive or the whole starter for a 1916 Willys. Overland 75.....part book says it is a MF1032 starter. I have a starter but I need the bendix or I will take another starter....Would be nice if I knew what other bendix fit.

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I believe I have the bendix you are looking for, but haven't been able to confirm. I had a rebuilder from out west call me on this and I'm guessing it was for you. Is there anyone out there that can confirm whether or not this would take a 12 tooth bendix, same as an Autolite MF series starter on a 1920 Chevrolet 490? If so, then yes I have one. I've been hesitant to sell it since its a rare drive/bendix and I'd like to be sure it's right before letting it go. Hopefully someone out there can confirm this.

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