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79 ¾ ton Chevy with a special 4x4 linkage in it, 350 motor

Guest Packardsforever

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Guest Packardsforever

My brother-in-law found this truck in the thread title and wants to know if they came from the factory this way? I'm guessing no, I couldn't find anything about it anywhere.

Thanks for any help

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In 1979, a K20 Chevy pickup was available with a 350 4bbl V-8 and a choice of manual or automatic transmissions. Transfer case linkage was separate from the transmission linkage, on the floor with a special "console" surround and shift boot. Seems like the transfer case was "part time" rather than "full time" as the K10s had?

Not sure what "special 4x4 linkage" might be.

Just some thoughts,


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