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Horn Problem on '48 LC


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I cannot find the problem on the horn circuit on my '48 LC. Hooked directly to the power source the horns work. The continuity of the horn ring circuit checks out. The horn relay is operating and the points are clean. When the horn ring is pushed the circuit completes and closes the points on the relay. The relay is wired in this sequence: 1) Hot wire to driver's side connection.. 2)

horn ring wire to middle connection. 3) feed to horns, passenger side connection. Where or what am I missing??? Glenn Lorei b6vt

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Glenn, you have wired the relay like a Ford. While you hear the relay click there no power to the horns. For the Lincoln, the terminal on the right ( as you look at it) is the horn button the center terminal is for the battery power and the left side ( nearest the passenger side of the car) is for the horns. Just switch the horn button and battery power wires and you should be in business.

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