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Brass-era car oil questions


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I am soon to restart two brass-era cars that have been stored for the past thirty-five or forty years or so. One is a 1910 IHC J-30 and the other a 1912 Buick Model 28, both four cylinder and about 30 hp or so (by the way, thank you to all who have responded to my previous questions). I have cleaned the 'sludge' out of the oil pan, the tranmission and rear end of each car, cleaned everything up with my favorite cleaner, Marvel Mystery Oil, and need to refill each to get them ready for the road.

My questions are for those of you who tour in your brass-era car. I am curious about what viscosity oils, and brands too, that you use in the engine, the transmisson and the differential. Please let me know what you use and if you also know, what not to use.

Thank you indeed.

Thomas Edfors

Lake Mills, WI


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Hi- for the differential, use a semi-fluid oil, it's the consistency of thin peanut butter, will lubricate but not leak as much as many fluids. Restoration Supply has a good selection of oils and greases for early cars, and sells the semi-fluid for this application.

The transmission could use a similar product, IF it's not a wet clutch attached to the trans. Then, you'll need a regular oil.

I don't recomment synthetic for the older cars, because if there is an opening that's a molecule big, it'll leak. Synthetic oils will leak out of gearboxes that regular oil won't.

Nice cars, most people think high-wheeler when they hear IHC, but they made a nice "regular" car too!

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