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Cadillac fun!


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Join us for our big fri night chat 8 pm est @ <A HREF="http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/classiccadillacchat" TARGET=_blank>http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/classiccadillacchat</A> <BR>You don`t have to own a Cadillac to join our club, just enjoy talking about them!<BR>The Chat room is open all the time but, we try to meet at 8PM EST time everyday, with fri. being the main chat night!<BR>In the mean time, Let us here about your Car.<BR>Post any Questions you may have for Mechanical, detailing, & body work <BR>on our club message board at Classic Cadillac Chat Club!<BR>Over 650 members world wide to help you & growing!

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Might you have Elmer Fudd singing "Cadillac Ranch"? Cadawac, Cadawac, wong and wo, shiny and bwack wink.gif" border="0 <P>Seriously, guy- have fun and keep them fine automobiles running. An older Cadillac always makes a statement, like the bluesman here with the 63 4-window SDV- VA personalised plate "63 COOL". Owning a 1962 is a long-held dream of mine.

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