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Harroun Motors Corp

Guest JMG72

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Guest JMG72

Hi there.

I am seldom on this forum, but thought I would chime in (since they did not exist till 1917, maybe this group is a better place to post?). After I learned that Harroun Motors Corp was once located here in my town of Wayne, MI, and I am a fan of all things old cars, I went to gathering all the info I could find on the company. I have collected it on my web page, below. Just wanted to share what I have so others could enjoy.


I'd still like to know if any Harroun motor cars still exist, complete or partial. I would really love to see one and learn more. If you have one or know where one is, please shoot me a note or post on my page.



Wayne, MI

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Cool Stuff and a great collection of first person memories. My family has collected Marmon Wasp memorabilia for thirty years and I actually had the opportunity to pilot the Wasp behind a golf cart in Dayton Ohio in 2009 (Thank you Dayton Concours). I have never seen or heard of a Harroun but if they exist, someone here knows about it. Have you posted on the general discussion page? A bunch of the guys there are founts of knowledge and experience and I think this would appeal to many.

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