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I was considering this yellow/ginger with black cloth soft top. It has 115K miles. After closer look I found that it was going into over boost, bumpshifting when coming to a stop, Interior needz replaced. The Teves system light is on. Removed hardtop and found that the softtop was moldy and folds were faded from not being used. Also found rodent holes chewed into it. Tires were directional tread and good as where the wheels. Asking price was $3K. I couldnt justify the price with interior, top and teves system issues so I countered at $2K. They wouldnt go lower than $2500 so I walked. Thoughts apprecited. Thanks.

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I think you made a mistake walking away. You should have run.

I bought one last fall for $3,500. The exhaust fell off 18 miles from the sellers house. The right front hub was wasted. It needed a cv joint in a new hub. It had a good repaint but original in good shape would have been better.

On the good side the brakes work, the top is cloth and brand new, the upholstery is perfect under sheepskin covers. It had a new windshield which I just had to replace after a hail storm 3 weeks ago.

Just the top and upholstery is worth what I paid.

the one you looked at needs the Stray Rescue dog group to take it in.

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Guest Lee_M

i agree with bill. i am not one who should be offering advice about walking or running away from a TC deal, but i held back until i read bill's response. mine was going to be, you would have offered too much had you offered $1000. be glad the seller balked at $2k.

as bill pointed out, general mechanical stuff can be easy - well not necessarily easy, but "do-able". the bad interior, bad soft-top, turbo issues, and malfunctioning teves system, are real downers

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I, too, was happy that the $2K offer was turned down. I currently have 3 Reattas that need interior and/or paint work so I guess I will remain GM for now! Thanks for the replies.

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