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need pictures of 54 olds air conditioning

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hi, i need pictures of the reserve tank that's mounted near the condensor and radiator on 1954 oldsmobiles with the factory air conditioning. please help if you can, i have a xerox copy of the 1954 olds shop manual a/c section, but the drawings there are not good enough to go by. thanks in advance, charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor, charlessdv8@yahoo.com

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Guest rsd9699

there were several 54 a/c available.

True factory put in gm a/c (with ducts), the late unit had a different condensor, the 55 a/c unit also fits and was a dealer installed kit.

The 53 and 54 look simular but are different.


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hi ron, i'm not quite sure what you mean by "several 54 a/c available", i know what olds had as factory a/c in 1954, cause i used to own a 54 98 sedan with the factory rear a/c, i have a copy of the 1953 olds a/c manual, i have a photocopy of the a/c section from the 1954 olds shop manual, it is not much help at all, and i have a copy of the 1955 olds a/c manual, each year some things are the same, other things are different, of course 1955, olds followed the 1954 pontiac a/c lead by switching to up front - in dash a/c. i also have the 1953 buick a/c manual, 1953 cadillac a/c manual, several copies of the 1954 pontiac a/c manual, even a 1954 nash a/c manual. 1954 nash was the first to copy the pontiac a/c in their own way.

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