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Air shocks


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They were not a stock option on the Reatta. Some one probably put the air shocks off a Riviera on and adapted them.

But to answer your question 0/none. they are designed to adjust ride hieght when the trunk is loaded. if you do put air in them just enough to level the car.

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Guest moldymac

Not sure who makes those shocks, but the shocks I use in my big GM cars usually require a minimum of 15-30 PSI to prevent damage to the air shocks. Best bet is to check them out for the brand/model and check with the manufacturer.

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Might be a trick to find the manufacturers name as the car was first sold in upstate NY and when it was undercoated that included the air shocks. I have 10 pounds in them and it rides

like normal.

Thanks for the help.


90 couple

90 convertible

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