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Oil filter on 41 6cyl.


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Anyone install an oil filter on a 1940's 6cylinder? If so what port did you plug it into; also, did you notice a change in oil pressure? Mine is a 1941 Olds.

I know that on the oil pump side of the block an oil galley runs the length of the block and a pipe plug at each cylinder.

My concern is starving one of the main bearings.

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Guest Oldengineer

I found an NOS Fram kit for my 48 Chevrolet 216. The supply line tees onto the fitting that supplies the oil pressure guage. The return line goes to a port in the side of the block that looks like its tapped into the oil gallery on the side of the engine. I'm debating about even installing it for two reasons. First, from what I've read on the various Chevy forums, these are by-pass filters and only filter about 10% of the engine oil. Secondly, the supply and return lines are reinforced rubber hoses, and, on my 48, would run extremely close to the exhaust header pipe. Many of the oldtimers on the Chevy forums indicate that they're a waste of time. Since my car only gets driven about 200 miles between oil changes, I'm thinking all I'd accomplish is to put something else in my way when I need to adjust the valves in my engine, have to worry about the exhaust heat cooking the lines, and, perhaps, drop my oil pressure.



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The oil filter you refer to is called a bypass filter. It filters the excess oil normally diverted back to the oil pan after the pump builds up pressure. The oil that oils the engine goes direct from the pump to the oil galleries, and does not go through the filter.

In other words that type filter has no effect on oil pressure or volume to the bearings or anywhere else.

Any filter is better than no filter at all. The bypass filter filters the oil much finer than the newer full flow type. It keeps the oil very clean.

The filter must be installed according to manufacturer's instructions. Someone on the Olds board should be able to furnish them from an old manual.

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