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1936 Buick Starter Adjustment


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How do you adjust the solenoid on a 1936 Buick? I know the mechanical parts to adjust. What do I go by? How far in or out. I have a problem with the starter sometimes hitting against flywheel. This is causing damage. I want to stop this ASAP.


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I'm a little puzzled with this. So you're saying that the starter pinion gear is sometimes hitting against the flywheel ring gear without the starter being engaged? Do you know if the manual specifies a pinion gear clearance? If it does, the adjustment can be made but only with the starter removed, due to the need to measure the clearance. Of course you do this only with the solenoid energized and not the starter motor.

To adjust while on the car, I guess you back out the solenoid plunger screw until it indicates that it no longer is hitting the flywheel (sound?). Also, what is getting damaged?

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I checked my manual and the adjustment goes as follows: With the starter removed, push the solenoid plunger all the way forward (to the front of the car) and then remove the pin between the plunger linkage and shifting lever. Then, use your finger to hold the clutch and pinion gear to allow for 1/8" clearance between the end of the pinion and the starter housing. Now, adjust the screw in the end of the plunger so that you take up all the lash and are able to just put the pin back into the shifting lever.

Hope this helps,


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