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1930 DeSoto water pump help


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I am looking for some help in rebuilding a 1930 Chrysler/Dodge/Desoto water pump. I could get a new shaft machined, but I am wondering if anyone has a new impeller. Part# 303401 Chilton interchange part# FC-30.

If there is not a replacement or NOS impeller around, could the shaft be built up and re machined. I'm afraid to try to remove the impeller in case it gets damaged even more than corrosion has done over the years.

Any help is appreciated.

Rick VanOene

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Guest jimstulga

Don't know if this will be the kind of help you are looking for, but my '30 Chrysler had a damaged impeller when I sent it to Howard Stewart Race Pumps to be updated to make it leakless. He found one for me, so perhaps he could help? 222 Hillcrest Drive, High Point, NJ 27262 Phone 336-476-9720. Did mine June 2009 for a little under $300. Good Luck. Jim

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