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1934 836a Pierce Arrow Body & Frame


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Hi, check out this ebay auction for a 1934 Pierce body and frame. The car is not mine, but is stored in my garage. I need the space for some new toys, so the car's owner listed it for 1000.00 with no reserve. Good luck! :eek:


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Guest Rob McDonald

Just so a prospective buyer doesn't have to squint too hard to see what this car used to be: http://forums.aaca.org/f119/1934-pierce-arrow-836a-sedan-283908.html Very handsome, close-coupled sedan body. Not really a club sedan; more like a late-30's configuration.

With all those missing bits, though, it's unlikely that this is more than a most excellent parts car at a steal of a price, if there's no action on the bids.

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Sold to a PAS member to use the body and tin to save a car with bad wood / rust. At least it didn't go to the street rod guys! Ed

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