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Packard Restoration Shops

Guest BJM

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I am a PAC (Packard Club) member now and was looking in the latest bulletin for restoration shops. I also remember an old Hemmings Classic Car that featured a well known Packard Restoration shop but no longer have that information.

I would like to almost 100% farm out the restoration of my 48 22nd series Custom 8 and am looking for a restoration shop that can handle it all, that is knolwedgeable about Packards.

I know already this will be a high dollar contemplation. This is in my consideration.

I live in Iowa so would prefer something midwest but I am open to all information. Thank you

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That said, it is always prudent to be very involved with a car's restoration no matter what shop you send it to. You should be part of the team, especially the part about making sure the details are authentically right. Visit often, research colors for each part, types of plating, what should be plated what should be painted, etc.

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Sunray Restorations in Dowagiac, MI has probably done more high-quality Packard restorations than any other midwestern shop. They're a small operation, that only turns out a few projects a year, but have been doing it for a long time. Bill Godisak is a master of all things Packard, but he's not much on email. Give him a call if you want to discuss your project. 269-424-6265.

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