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Philly Humor!


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You got me, Darn!

After finding out I was from Virginia, the 'Ol fellow was asking me if I knew the "General"?

I told him, of course I knew General Lee!!:D

Umm, I guess he was asking about that Washington fellow. :(

Speaking of General Lee, some years ago, about 1995, I had a picture of Lee painted on the back of my Big Truck, drove all the way to Michigan to get this done. I told the graphics guy, a foreign fellow, that I wanted a picture of Lee and I asked him if he needed help with a print picture of Lee.

He told me, "No, I know "Bruce"!:eek::rolleyes:

I never get any respect! That's why you don't get any either Dawn! :P:cool:

It was really great seeing everyone in Philly, you too Dawn.;)

I am working on the Editor's Letters and newsletter reply sheets this week. You guys should have something mailed out to you by February 22nd or so!


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Sorry folks. Darn's title has everyone expecting newsletter secrets, to publishing, which most would think by the title???

I changed it!;)

When this web site gets updated we should be able to have some neat new things to share with all editors on this forum...stay tuned.



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