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1962 Dynamic 88 Convertibles

D Yaros

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I know that 12,212 Dynamic 88 convertible cars were built in 19 and 62. I am fortunate enough to own one of them!

What I am trying to get a handle on is how many of the original 12,212 are still around today?

If you have one, do stand up and be counted. The following info will be of help and interest (info on mine is given) -

Plant Manufactured: Lansing

Selling Dealer State: Illinois

Original Purchaser State: Indiana

Current Location: Wisconsin

Carb: 2 bbl

Color: Ebony (Black)

Interior: Gray & White

Odometer Current: 35,584 (Actual)

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To chime in, I'd also like to know where, more generally speaking, we can find out about "how many are left" of a particular model. Was wondering the same thing about my '62 Olds Dynamic 88 Fiesta station wagon.

I had a post on the general forum about where to find this info out, if at all possible; I had mentioned an outfit I contacted back in 1998 around San Diego, called the Automotive Information Clearinghouse, but I understand that they are not around any more.

Will be eager to see if anyone else has other information than what was supplied on my original post; pretty much resigned to thinking that this info is not obtainable, even as an extrapolation rather than an actual count, which is all I would expect, anyways...

Know you're not looking for info on the wagons, but the one I have was

Built in Lansing (assembled at Ionia Body, however)

as far as I know, sold originally in Illinois

currently located in Ohio

has a 2 bbl carb

Provincial White exterior, Fawn interior

has 67,739 miles

...just in case you're ever wanting a complete D88 tally for all body styles!

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