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wood for old cars

Guest krb3

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I stopped in this place the other day looking for parts for my chevy. I didn’t come across what I needed but I could have spent all day rummaging around the place. I did notice that they had stacks of wooden parts for the 20’s and 30’s autos still in the boxes and looked like they were new. Don’t know their prices.....we’re talking a junk yard here and business doesn’t look like it was booming. Just thought you guys out there would like to know!

Antique Auto Ranch

(509) 535-77892225 N Dollar Rd

Spokane Valley, WA 99212

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Nothing changes.

I when there when I was in the US Air Force stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base and living in Spokane in 1979.

I got some original 1933 Chevrolet Master Intake and Exhaust valve for a reasonable price, but the place looked like it was on the verge of closing back in 1979.


1933 Chevrolet

1962 Triumph TR4

1984 BMW 633 CSi

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Don't think a "link" will be much good, you'll have to call. I walked around on top of spark plugs, gaskets, piston rings and who knows what else littering the floors and they were still in thier original boxes. Flat glass for old head lights.......on and on..what a sight. If you visit the place take a flash light cause there is only one overhead bare bulb in the "warehouse"

krb3 36 Chevy Coupe

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Guest ken bogren
Don't think a "link" will be much good,

krb3 36 Chevy Coupe

Then you don't have to use it.

Others might find it helpful.

This is the internet, appropriate links are always a good idea.

In 3 days this thread will probably be buried so far back in the list that few if any will ever see it again.

If someone bookmarks the link now it will be easily available to the on their own computer anytime they want it.

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