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'64 Brake Line Needed

Paul K.

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I need the metal brake line that crosses from the driver's side to the passenger and runs along the frame crossmember under the engine oil pan. A new repro is my first choice but if someone has a good used one that I can use for a template would work too.

P.S. Still looking for a trans dipstick tube for a '64 ST 400

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Guest carlbraun


i just twisted up my old brake lines and threw em into the recycle bin...sorry. Buy a new one from inline tube and be done with it...they do a great job and its a bolt in.

regarding the dipstick? I am going thru the motions with a vintage buick parts dealer and was sent the wrong one. BE SURE THE PART NUMBER ON YOUR OLD STICK MATCHES THE NEW STICK. The vendor I bought mine from sent me one that had the wrong number and its about 1/2" too short...not something you want on a dipstick of any kind.

what is the part number on your old trans stick???

Look for the thread on this site that I started regarding dipstick for my 65 auto trans


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