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'42 Zephyr club coupe ...


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I am in the process of reassembling a very original Zephyr, taken apart by someone else. My question(s) relate primarily to the dash ... all of the wiring, light bulbs, gauges, ignition switch etc etc are hanging loose + the radio is sitting on the floor. Where should I start? Should I assemble certain parts to the dash itself first or mount the dash and then assemble the parts from behind, or a combination of both?

Locks - how many different keys/locks are there for a specific car? One for the ignition and one for the door(s)+trunk or ...?

Any/all advice/suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.



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I've done a couple of these and this might work for you. leave the radio to last. mount the wiper switch,wiper motor and hoses. Attach all the wires and light sockets to the instrument unit with it loose from the dash. Make sure you threaded the ammeter wire thru it's loop the right direction. Check this now and save yourself some extra effort later. Then push the instument cluster in place and attach the 3 mounting screws/nuts. Not fun as you have to work from behind and thru the front opening where the speedometer mounts.

Working thru the speedometer opening in the dash you can attach all the light wires to the speedometer and from behind the speedometer cable. Push the speedometer in place and guide the reset cable into it's mounting hole on the lip of the lower dash. from behind attach the 2 L-shaped clips and nuts to either side of the speedometer. These are hard to get to especially if the ignition switch is mounted but it can be done. You can now mount the ignition switch and light switch if they are loose. Attach the wires to the switches first then mount the switches. It might be easier to mount the radio speaker to the back of the dash before mounting the light switch.

You can now mount the clock connecting all the wires and light scckets. I remove the glove box for added access. Mount the lighter assemble and reinstall the glove box. feed the light wire from the glove box door thru the opening at the lower left hinge and attach to the wiring harness.

You can now mount the radio...it is a handful. Carefully guide it up inplace and attach to 2 hangers on either side , then install the 2 screws on either side of the control knob openings. the lower brace can then be installed, Plug in the wires for the speaker, the antenna (high on the right side) and the foot control on the left side. there is also a fused connector on the left side for power.

Hopefully you have identified all the wiring connections? the light sockets are easy but be very carefull as the old thin wires that go thru the light socket will lose their insulation and short. What is the condition of the wiring?

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