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  1. I sold a midget(?) race car to a gentleman in California. It had a Hillman Imp engine (Coventry Climax clone) mounted outside the frame (left side), setup with Hillborn methanol injection, outside torque tube to rear quick change with a lever to engage/disengage driveshaft from flywheel (no clutch). Appeared to be set up for dirt vs asphalt. Probably builtin the 60s. My question(s) ... what would such a car be classified as? Any other examples come to mind? Bob
  2. I would like to buy these and can pay via PayPal. I am in Canada ... if you could, please send via USPS and add the cost to the transaction. I look forward to hearing from you. thnx Bob
  3. IF I understand this correctly, after you purchase a car (with after tax s dollars), spend untold amounts of after tax dollars and untold hours of labour and after tax dollars on parts etc ... when you sell, you are expected to give the government a “cut” . Sounds like a scam to me!
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