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In 2012 please consider going to a judging school and/or CJEs.

Shop Rat

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Many of the wonderful folks, men and ladies, that I have judged with over the years have said that they weren't sure if they would like to become a judge or weren't sure they could judge. They were afraid they didn't know enough to judge.

I didn't take up judging until my husband had been judging for a few years. I sure am glad that I did. I have met the most wonderful people since September, 1990. :) My husband currently has 102 credits and I have 92. We are both Certified Team Captains. That is a long way from that first class for each of us. And WAY :rolleyes: behind many of the folks that have been in this longer than we have. :D But every one of us that volunteers to judge started with that first class.

There is no cost to go to a judging school at a meet. When you complete the class you receive a current Offical Judging Guidelines manual for free. To buy one is $5.00 without the class.

You can also go to CJE classes for free. These are the more detailed classes in a host of subjects and specialties.

Sadly we are losing many of "the old guard" that taught many of us. We need new folks to step forward and help us continue this side of the hobby.

Will it be you?

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Ken, It is "Continuing Judges Education". It is a class that is usually held after Judging school and before judging that centers on a certain vehicle or area of a vehicle (ie. Paint, interior, engine, Mustang, Model T, Model A, etc). A knowledgable instructor handles the class of a small group(20-30) of interested students (judges), which last about 20-30 minutes and usually it also includes Q & A. Many fine points of a certain vehicle are reviewed, and what is authentic and what is not is covered.

Hope that helps


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