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Front coil spring specs?

Guest jwin

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Anyone out there have any of the following specs handy for the front coil springs?

Inside Diameter, Bar Diameter, Install Height, Free Height, Load, Spring Rate

I'm trying to get some new front springs, and since quick struts seem to no longer be available, Moog universal springs seem to be the best options. They have quite an extensive selection, but it requires the aforementioned info.

Any other opinions about front spring replacement are welcome as well. Just for the record the struts, bearing plates, etc. are getting replaced as well.

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I don't know were you would find the information you are seeking. I have never seen a GM document that went into that detail. The parts book list the front springs, but for some reason they have 2 and 3 choices for both standard (Riviera) and HD suspension (called touring, F-41, FE2, etc on different models) but the only clue they give you is the top number is stiffer than the bottom number.........example

* 22528245

* 22528244

* 22528243

Are all F-41 (heavy duty) front springs and the top number is stiffer than the bottom number.

I check a Seville/Eldorado parts book and they used the same springs, with the same multiple options.

If you really need spring, I would find a Seville/Eldorado in the wrecking yard that still has the factory tags and get a matching pair........however, depending on the ride/performance you want, you would either get a standard suspension car or a "touring" edition springs.

Looking at the front sway bar, 1990 and later style.........

* 3521258 appears to be the standard Riviera bar....no physical size given

* 3521259 is listed as FE3

* 3521260 is listed but no specific vehicle is give in the Riv/Reatta parts book

Looking in the Cadillac parts book only 259 and 260 were used

(note that as the part number goes up the stiffness also goes up)

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Thanks for your help Barney. It's not easy info to come by. I guess I'm going to try to get the best possible measurement I can get on my installed springs. Might need some help on free spring measurements. I would really like to replace them with new ones, seeing as though the moog universal springs are $40-60 a piece depending on the above factors. If I'm going to replace the (almost) entire suspension of my 89', I would like everything to be nice and fresh.

Anyone out there have a removed coil spring that they could measure?

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Guest spyhunter2k

Sorry for the delay. I only come back to visit this forum once in a great while.

When I undertook my lowering project years ago I was told by a manufacturer of custom springs, who had access to factory spring rates, that Reatta front coil springs had a spring rate of 137 lbs./inch—"pretty low" as far as spring rates went. The custom front springs I ordered had a 20% increase to make up for the 1.5" decrease in travel distance, or 154 lbs./inch.

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Awesome. Thanks for the info! I actually was finally able to find the stock springs (for now) from GMPD. I'm going to see how she rides with a whole new suspension, then, if not satisfied, I'll stiffen things up.

Just curious. You have any pics of your car around here, or one you might like to share? 18's should fill up those gigantic wheel wells.

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