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Bringing a 39 Model 60 Back to Life

Guest Houston54

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Guest Houston54

I have a Model 60 Business coupe with a 215 in it. The motor is not frozen so I am going to bring it back to life.

I do not know the history of the car so the internal condition is not known but I am hoping for the best.

I am missing the voltage regulator and cannot locate a new replacement from any of the suppliers such as Kantor or Fusik.

My plans are to make this a 12V car with all new wiring but for now I want to get it running.

Will a volt regulator from another model 40 & up work in this car? Will I be able to use that regulator when I convert to 12V?

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Guest Olds88_1956

Voltage regulators are voltage and polarity specific; a 6V system regulator will NOT work in a 12V system. For a short engine test you could forget the VR as long as the wires don't short out on the frame or each other. The generator may get hot if ran for to long:eek:

Good luck!

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