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1997 Chevy 2500 VORTEC SWAP

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I bought a 97 2500 Chevy for pulling my 20'car trailer and on the maiden voyage the transmission ( 4L80E) let loose, so I had the transmission professionally done and replaced everything from front to back as I didn't want to do it ever again. So we put the trans back in and started the truck and somehow when the trans went it must have locked up and snapped something in the engine. (5.7 vortec)

Can anyone please tell me what I can replace the 5.7 vortec with from what year to what year?

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Before I would start replacing the engine, I would do some basic diagnostics. You might take the bolts from the flexplate to the torque converter and move the torque converter back and try to start the engine. I would also take the serpentine belt off and see if the engine would turn over and start. Strange things like a locked up generator/alternator have had persons change complete engines. A locked up generator will keep the engine from being able to turn over. I know.. Been there done that. It might be easier to do the basic diagnostics first. Just my thoughts & my humble opinion.

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if buying a used engine they made subtle changes to sensors and such so you to have a pretty exact used engine if you just want to plug it in. otherwise the l31 long block was interchangeable from any of these.

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