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Parts car in Canada


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I received the following emails and thought I would pass them on.


Canadian friends.

I received the following emails and thought I would pass it on to all of you.

I am also going to post it on the Reatta discussion site.


Darn - it was supposed to be a Google streetview link.

Location, according to a Google maps search, is "671 Westplain Rd, Marlbank, Lennox and Addington County, Ontario K0K 2L0, Canada", though this is not the same as the street address given in the Yellow Pages. Hopefully that link works better. As I recall, the name of the business is "Greater Napanee Recycling Limited". Friendly folks, and bring your own tools.


Hi Jim,

I am by no means a GM-guy by any stretch, but I did have a short love affair with the Buick Reatta when I was just a boy in the late 80s. So, given that they are a pretty rare beast, I was quite surprised to find a Reatta at a junk yard in SE Ontario when I was there this past summer, and I do know a gem when I see one. Condition was not awful as I recall, though the d/s door panel had been torn off. Anyway, I thought you could pass this along to some of the Reatta forum members if you think they would be interested, esp if they live in the area. I'm not going to join just for this one post. :) Location was here, just east of the little hamlet of Westplain, ON, on the East end of the yard.



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