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1953 Ford f-100 rarity?

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I have a question that i have always wondered and hope to find some info/production numbers here.

Back in the 80's my father owned an all original 1953 Ford f-100 standard bed with the 239ci flathead with a seemingly rare fordamatic/automatic transmission.

My question is exactly how rare was this automatic transmission in this year of truck? Thanks to all who reply. Matt.

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Guest Jim_Edwards

The stats on the number of a given vehicle produced never shows those numbers broken down by options. In 1953 an automatic transmission in a truck would have been an option, and a rather expensive one at that for a pickup truck. It would probably be safe to say fewer than 10%, if that many, of all the 1953 F-100s produced would have had an automatic transmission and thus your father's truck would have been somewhat rare or unusual.

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