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Looking to buy NOS car parts 1930-1980

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Looking to purchase New Old Stock car parts. I deal in pretty much all brands and marks from the 1930's-1980's. Always looking for Mopar, GM and FOMOCO but I buy old aftermarket parts as well. I gladly purchase independent parts as well.

I know most of the real cache's of parts have been picked several times.

I'm usually the guy who gets called before the scrap metal guy. I pay well and buy all the little stuff the other guys left behind, including switches, relays, Gauges, Gas caps, brake and gas pedal pads, Even suspension and bearings if they are out of the oridinary. Of course I would love to be the first guy to buy everything but I know I started this game a little too late for that. Yes I'll gladly buy mouldings, emblems, badges etc., but I'm usually too late to find much of that.

Even if you sold at car shows years ago, I usually find stuff to buy that you could never move.

If you had a body shop or used car dealership years ago and have a potpouri of parts from different makes, That's right up my alley.

Let me know what you have.

I will gladly pay a finders fee if you hook me up with a buy. I can't find this stuff all on my own.

Yes I buy this stuff to resell and occasionally find a trinket or 2 for my own old cars:D.

Thanks for your time and help. It's nice to get this stuff on cars so they can get back on the road rather than tucked away in a garage until the moisture, mice or scrap guys get to it.

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