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'51 S88 heater core


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The heater core in my '51 S88 went bad. I have several '49-50 parts cars and am wondering if the heater core from one of those cars will work in my '51 S88.

If they will not, where can I get a good core? New or used.

Thanks, Jim

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Thank you.

I also had this question on the general forum and see you answered it there also.

Here is my post from there.


Thanks for looking it up.

My '51 Olds has a Chevelle front stub with power disc brakes and a 403 CI Olds engine.

The original heater control valves were replace with an aftermarket one on the fender well. The coolant was running inside the car from the core.

At this time I am not selling any of my '49-50 parts as I have a '49 fastback and a '49 coupe that I am working on. After the coupe is done I may sell the fastback and the left over parts, but not before.

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