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1949 1st series Chysler New Yorker.

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Guest Classiccars

If you're looking at other cars, ask yourself if they give you this much detail:

Ownership history:<O:p</O:p

1949-73: Joseph Sturnessee, Neillville, Wisc. Note the original warranty booklet is still with the car, showing Sturnessee as the purchaser. The 1960 oil change sticker also has his name.1973-1980: Royce Larsen (friend of Sturnessee), Neillville, Wisc.<O:p</O:p

1980-2010: Wayne Larsen (brother of Royce), Iola, Wisc.2010-present: Jim Raymond, Ft. Worth, TX.Options: dual heaters; white wheel trim rings (not currently installed, but still with the car).Repainted in 1977. The paint is blistering in places but is shiny overall and will probably last several more years with the proper care. Interior is entirely original and in very good condition, save for the cracked glove box door.Points, plugs, and condensor replaced. Vacuum advance replaced with original rebuilt unit. Coil replaced.Carb rebuilt (throttle shaft rebushed). Choke replaced with NOS.<O:p</O:p

Radiator hoses and bypass hose replaced. Thermostat and fan belt replaced. Cooling system flushed.Everything in the braking system has been replaced except the drums. Stainless steel lines.Gas tank restored and fuel lines replaced with stainless steel.Exhaust system replaced from manifold back with correct Waldrons.<O:p</O:p

Oil pan gasket replaced. Oil and filter replaced.Front end completely rebuilt with Kanters.Replaced rear spring bushings.Shocks replaced with ones that are entirely hydraulic (not gas-charged).New tires. Original bias ply Firestone wide whitewalls.<O:p</O:p

Lubed speedo cable and oiled speedo.Oiled generator and distributor.Replaced oil pressure hose.Steering gear topped off.Oiled wiper arm pivots.The weatherstip is in very good original condition.Lubed water pump.Have new rebuilt water pump, new rebuilt fuel pump, and Pertronix electronic ignition kit, all of which will go with the car.<O:p</O:p</O:p

With only 29,000 miles consider that the following things only have 29,000 miles.These are items which, on an 80,000 mile car will be broken or near to breaking:<O:p</O:p

The steering gear has only 29,000 miles.The shift linkage has only 29,000 miles.<O:p</O:p

The transmission has only 29,000 miles (it doesn't leak). That includes the kickdown relay (which I have disassembled and cleaned) and the governor.The starter, starter solenoid, and starter button have only 29,000 miles.The generator has only 29,000 miles.All of the interior light bulbs, including the dash light bulbs, have only 29,000 miles.The gauges have only 29,000 miles.The blower motors and switch have only 29,000 miles.The headlight switch has only 29,000 miles. The dash light switch has only 29,000 miles.The wiper motor, linkages, and switch have only 29,000 miles.The glovebox door latch has only 29,000 miles.All the window winder mechanisms in the doors have only 29,000 miles.All the door latch linkages (inside the door) have only 29,000 miles.All the door latches have only 29,000 miles.All the door hinges have only 29,000 miles.The distributor has only 29,000 miles.The front seat release mechanism has only 29,000 miles.This has an inside hood release and that cable and latch have only 29,000 miles.The ignition switch has only 29,000 miles. Ditto for the door and trunk lock cylinders.The brake drums have only 29,000 miles.There is no rust on the outside of the car. The floorpan and the trunk have no rust. The rocker panels have holes in them on the undeneath side at the very back, by the rear wheels. It looks to me that it would not be that difficult to cut out around the holes and either pop rivet or weld in new metal.This uses oil; there is some smoke that comes out when you let off the gas after accelerating. It likely needs valve guides. Oil pressure, with the oil fully warmed up, is 10psi at idle and 45psi at about 50mph. The service manual says it should be 55-65psi above 30mph and that if it gets down to 25-35psi the oil filter may be clogged. Thus, the oil pressure is not great, but not horrible.













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