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Do you have any pictures of what the correct unit looks like? I have a Remy coil box and switch assembly, but the coil is fried. It would need some work as it is not in the greatest condition. It is a different style than is used on my 1911 Oakland. I had an issue with a bad coil in my 11 Oakland so I pulled out the coil and capacitor and replaced it with a 1950's style 6 volt coil and a high voltage AC capacitor like they sell for replacements in Model T coils and it is working fine. With all of that inside the original coil box it looks completely authentic.

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I have a Remy model RL coil with the bat/mag switch attached for through dash mounting. These were used on some Buick, Oakland and other makes of the 1911 era. I don't know if it is correct for your Kissel.

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