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Lights to ID


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Here are a few more lights to ID. I actually have part numbers and some info on them. I just don't know where the light would be installed on the Dodge pickup fixture. Is this a light that would be installed in the headliner or somewhere else? Also-the Arrow light seems to me to be one of those lights that would be installed on the top of a truck in a set of three or more. I'd like to know a little more specifics if possible, like what vehicles it would apply to. The Arrow light is Part No. 39 but that is the only number I could find anywhere on it. The Dodge Pickup light I don't have a part number for.

I also have two other light fixtures that I didn't have a pictures for yet. The first one, the lens is red plastic, and has a part number of 205 and it is a Grote Mfg. Co. lens. The base is the same teardrop shape as the Arrow light fixture, except the lens is completely red plastic. The second one is a heavy chrome fixture that is probably a license plate or hitch light. The mfr is HLK and the part number on it is 21966. It has a 2-1/2" long, thick, round, domed glass lens that fits inside a chrome housing. It is in really good condition but does have a little bit of pitting. I will try to get a picture posted and will edit this as soon as I can. There IS a sticker on it that says '50 Chev' on it but I don't trust these stickers much anymore. They have become a guide, but often lead me astray... ;).

If anyone is interested in any of these parts they are all available for sale.


Docs Gal




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Guest prs519

Yes, Erndog. These were often mounted (still are sometimes) across the top near the windshield for clearance lights. Usually that is where one finds the teardrop shape.

Perry in Idaho

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I know those are where they are mounted and what they are. Just wondered if, since it was half covered in black metal if it might apply to any specific trucks that someone might know of. I figured it would probably end up being generic since it doesn't have any real identifying marks on it. I just don't usually see them half metal and half lens. Usually these are a full tear drop lens like that Grote lens that I described. Now I KNOW that one is a pretty generic application. Thanks for the help guys!

Docs Gal

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