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1910 Regal Detroit Help Needed

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I have a 1910 Regal Detroit Model 30. Does anyone have a diagram of the engine lubrication system?

Its been 40 years since it has ran so I pulled the oil pan for cleaning. It seems someone had previously worked on the bottom end. There is a horizontal tube that is attached to and runs the length of the oil pan. It is pressurized by the oil pump and is indexed into position by a set screw. The tube has four small holes for spraying oil on rods.

Question: The holes are facing the side of the oil pan opposite the crank and rods; it seems the holes should be facing each of the rods. But the tube appears to have only one position (index set screw).

Any help, diagrams or contact info of others who may have Regals will be appreciated. Maybe group therapy would help.

Many thanks,


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I have a 1911 owners handbook but the description is very vague, in the 30 and 40 models oil flows into the lower part of the crankcase and when it reaches a certain level in the crankcase it overflows back into the crankcase though the holes marked F

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