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Rear End Ratios

Ron Luchene

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Need some advice! My rear end on my '65 is leaking at the gasket so I will soon be climbing under the car to deal with it. Currently I have a non-posi 3.23 rear end which has been fine. Pretty quick off the line and cruises the highway pretty smooth. At 75mph I'm running at about 3000rpm.

Lots of options for rear ends in '65. I'm interested in replacing my rear end with a posi but have no interest in paying the price or a 3.42 rear end. What are others running and what kind of RPMS are you running at highway speeds.

Does anyone have a posi rear end they wat to sell?

Let me know...Thanks!


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Hi Ron,

The 3:23 gear is a nice gear for these cars. This ratio provides a little extra quickness compared to the standard 3:07 with acceptable manners and fuel mileage at highway speeds. Keep in mind you can use the same 3:23 ring and pinion with the carrier from a 3:07 posi. This involves a pro to do things right, and you will be tampering with the original wear pattern on the 3:23 gears, but I have done this swap a few times with very acceptable results.

If you want to install a 3:23 posi with minimal fuss look for a posi from a `63 and simply change the yokes. Good luck,

Tom Mooney

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