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Chander Automobile Company


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Thanks for the response. Actually, we don't own a Chandler. But our automotive research has crossed paths with the Chandler Company. We own a Jordan automobile that we are slowly restoring and enjoy doing company research and such. We recently found that a coachbuilder had been located in a building that Chandler once occupied and that the original blue prints still exist. This coachbuilder built custom bodies for Jordan. The name of the company was Facto Auto Body. They appear to have been in a building at 12910 Taft Avenue in 1929. Records show that Chandler was in the building in 1913 and I was curious if there was a club historian for the Chandler people that might have more information on the Taft building. The building still stands today and is a Auto Storage Facility. The company Facto Auto Body was responsible for building Jordan's show cars. The general manager was William C. Coburn. Somehow this company and Jordan may have been affiliated with Baker Rauch & Lang which made custom bodies for Owens Magnetic, Stearns Knight, Peerless and Ruxton.

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