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ID'ing vehicle emblem letters


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I have boxes of various years letters for vehicles that I am in the process of cleaning, id'ing and bagging for sale. The problem I am having is that so many of these emblems & letters go to certain places on a vehicle that I don't know where they go and I can't find sources of places that have listings of id numbers for the letters or of where they go. This is A LOT of letters and numbers. Now, I can find quite a few of the emblems by doing searches on Ebay and different sites to match up but individual letters don't give heights or dimensions of letters that help identify them to specific years. Are there any of you guys out there with some experience or books that might know more about this that might help me with this? If I have anything part-wise that I can help you out with in trade I will be happy to do so! I am dealing with only American made vehicles and most of these letters are from the 60's although I have found some older letters if I can identify the years. I appreciate any and all help.

Thanks folks!


Docs Gal

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