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Special windshield bracket nuts

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I had this posted on the Hupmobile forum, but then realized that these might be used on other makes of cars as well. Decided to post it here as well to see if there are other folks interested in these.

My Model 20 Hupmobile is missing a couple of the special screw headed nuts that are used for the windshield brackets and the dash to filler brackets. They are 12-24 thread and use a standard brass machine screw from one side and these special nuts on the other that when mounted look just like the 12-24 machine screw head.

I have been in touch with a guy that can make these, but the setup cost is the issue. Are any of you interested in a set of these? If we could get 8 or 9 guys to get a set of 12 used per car, then they would be about $4.00 each or $48 per set of 12. Is there any interest?



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Thanks for the suggestion. I had posted photos in the Hupmobile forum, but forgot to come back here and post them as well. These are known as barrel nuts or sometimes sex screws. I have found some stock items, but nothing quite right. Here are the photos.




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