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intake manifold

Guest al j

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I have 66 buick skylark with the 340 motor and want to know if there is a aftermarket high performance intake that will fit my car. I see intake manifolds for 350 motor but do not know if they would work. Thanks Al

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The first thing is to forget the words "High Performance", as looking for something like that for that small of an engine (without appropriate upgrades to cylinder head ports, exhaust systems, and camshafts) can easily give you an engine that won't get out of its own way below 3000rpm. Think "OEM" and "OEM 4bbl Upgrade" rather than "High Performance". "High Performance" can be a relative term, too, depending upon the point of reference . . . if you start with a Buick Straight 8 or a Buick 300cid V-8.

See what's in Edelbrock's online catalog for the "4bbl upgrade" sort of intake manifold. Top it with no more than about a 600cfm 4bbl and you'll end up with a pretty decent running engine, but with a "high rpm" or "high performance" intake, the larger ports might not match your cylinder heads AND would have very poor performance characteristics due to the too-large-for-application intake manifold ports. The Edelbrock catalog might also answer the 340 vs Buick 350 question you have.


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