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19 20's wire wheel options

Guest andy2755x

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Guest andy2755x

Hi guys

I recently came across a couple of 20" wire wheels that I now own they are from a 1928/29 Olds

I was wondering is there many cars in the US with this option they look like Houk type wheels .

I need to chase up hubs and centre spindles if I was to use them but I dont know what I'm looking for .

Question is would they be adaptable to a 4W.B 30 E 1927 as the spindles are the same as a 28



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There appear to be a wide, wide variety of Houk and Buffalo type wire wheels used on many differing 1920's cars. Variables include 1. Diameters, 2. Drive type - peg-drive or knurled hub, 3. hub sises vary, and there are differing numbers of spoke patterns within the same families of the prior three variables.

I have a 1923 Kissel with 23" diameter, peg drive, number 5 size hubs, and have three different spoke patterns and counts on 6 wheels (66 and 72) so even the hibs and rims can be radically different.

It is almost impossible to find matching sets. Coker does custom make rims and Dayton does sell custom made spokes. Get ready to spend money.

Ron Hausmann P.E.


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