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35 Hudson 8

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Almost complete. The main missing part is the short block.

Head is present as is the oil pan, windage tray, starter, generator, manifolds, carburator.

All of the door and window handles inside and out are accounted for and are in pretty good shape. Window surrounds are there, 5 hub caps and the side mount cover is there. Bumpers are there. Both seats are there but rough.

Car has been stored for may years and it does have some rust, the panels for the most part are very straight. One dent on top of one fender.

Radiator is here, and I think the radio is complete. Transmission and driveline are accounted for. I think the shifting mechanism is here, I dont know exactly what it takes to make it complete, but it looks like it is here.

I do not see a flywheel or clutch.

Ask for specific pics or questions.

Car is located in NW Oregon and the price is $4000 (firm price). Might swap for Mopar stuff.

I am inclined to make a hot rod out of this thing, so if no one steps up I will have some parts to sell. However, at this point I am not offering any separate parts. (we are probably talking years before I get to the rod thing).




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