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1929 DA Distributor

Bob Zetnick

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I didn't want to hijack midTNDawg's post, but here's some info on my distributor. It is cast iron and not pot metal. It is Northeast and not Delco. The printed number on the identification plate is 10645 (the zero is a little hard to read due to a scratch)and the engraved number (serial #?) is 1029.

Jason, I do have a spare cast iron one, but someone has cut a 1/1/2" long notch out of it for an incorrect set of points...don't know if this is repairable. It has the grease cup and one of the cap "hold-downs" as well as identification plate is missing.

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I wasn't able to load photos of the spare distributor I have on "private messages", so here are some photos of it. It matches exactly what I have on my car except for the cut notch in the side and the missing pieces I mentioned in the original post.....there is not a number as the identification plate is missing on it....the numbers on the original post are from the unit that is on my car. Hope this answers all questions.....thanks and have a great day!





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Received that dist. last night and just wanted to thank Bob and let everyone know Bob sent it to me at no charge ( but of course I will reimburse him the shipping at least since it IS the right thing to do ) It must have been the engle of the camera that made it look out of round. Now that I have it I can see that it is perfectly round and only damage is thet little section removed ( for updated points ) which will be easy enough to repair. There isnt even much play on the shaft and I guess thats because it has been sitting around 40 plus years. Thanks again Bob.


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I went looking thru my spare stuff knowing that I had a few dist. and sure enough the only one a magnet sticks to is Bobs including the one onmy car. I only had the one good spare pot metal one upper right corner so glad to have it.

The one lower right was perfect until I dropped my car on it on one of my not so good days.

Can someone tell me what the rings do lower portion of shaft that would fit inside of the head. Bobs does not have this and I dont see a reason for them to be there but I am curious if there is something I am missing. Again Thanks Bob, I have all the parts to make your like new/old again and the only major repair will be thge missing chunk and since there really int much heat involved in the dist. I have a quick fix that will surely last.

I am also wondering since Vern stated that Bob Long had thought when Delco bought out NE wouldnt theyhave used their own tags, could they have gotten away with using North East tags? I guess things were a little different back then so maybe it is possible.


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Guest Backyardmechanic


The ring on the shaft is to keep the shaft snug to the bore where the dist. fits.

I have two of these disc.neither of these two has never had a tag no holes to indecate there were any tags.


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I see, must not have been too neccessary then I guess or so Delco thought. Bob had mentioned that the dist. on his car ( which is cast iron ) has the Northeast tag on it and the one he sent me clearly did as well. The imprint/size fastner holes are all there.

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